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The interior decoration high-end special wall material - the United States Maya Romanoff
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The United States is the world indoor decoration high-end special wallpaper main supply area. The market had said the United States wallpaper generally refers to is the origin for the north American free trade area (mainly the United States, Canada), or in the United States headquarters of multinational corporation (such as brewster company in the world the United States, Canada, UK) to have established factory, although the factory process are not identical, but the general says its product is called the paper.
North American free trade area wallpaper penetration is too high, manufacturer is very much, but into the domestic market is not much.
The Maya (Maya Romanoff) : the most high-end special material wallpaper, reference price 1000-3000 / square.
York (York) : high-end wallpaper, place of origin for the United States. Basic for pure pulp material, the main style: classical European, American rural. Manufacturer a total of one hundred various books, most of the product price is in 500 yuan/roll or so, special material, the new price can be in 1000 yuan/volume above. Even if the manufacturer inventory paper also about 300 yuan/roll around. According to regional different price would be floating.
Materials in innovation and art is the world first-class, especially the glass bead wallpaper let a person shine at the feeling, as the chart:


These high-end special wall material usually used in common loading brand hotel design and rich villa design, still have a kind of solution, buy a small part of the sample samples, then the domestic imitation, as is known to all, the domestic imitation ability is very strong, has eight into alike. Of course, a penny a points goods, domestic although can also imitation, but simple sense or a difference, if the pursuit of quality and is not bad money, really very good material selection







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