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Hotel design new materials - diatom ooze
Update Time: 2013-1-9 View: 7154

For the hotel design peers or consumer people speaking, diatom ooze is essential to the interior decoration materials, because it is the latest environmental protection adornment material, can adjust air humidity, absorb formaldehyde, is that the health will breathe a wall. As long as it is to decorate metope can choose this kind of material.


After the processing of diatom ooze with traditional wall materials to act the role of surface effect is very different, both soft texture, and send out a kind of petrous heavy. Multi-purpose in hotel design, villa design, high-grade residential interior wall coating.
Diatom ooze processing features below:
A, environmental protection material: diatom ooze wall material made from pure natural inorganic material composition, no harmful substances, and harmful additives, material itself is green environmental protection product.
Second, reduce noise function: special molecular structure to make it strong to reduce acoustic noise function, can effectively absorb harmful to the person of high frequency ultrasound and low frequency noise attenuation function, while reducing 50% reverb time.
Three, artistic expression excellent: diatom ooze wall material character, vivid, can more carrying the hopes and to convey the human aesthetic and cultural. Diatom ooze has good workability, through different methods of the art processing, workman unique sense can bring us good visual experience.
Four, purify air: diatom ooze adsorption and decomposition in the air, the harmful material and into water and carbon dioxide. Suitable for the house have a pet, the old man and the childs family.
Five, release negative ions: can release negative ions, its form is similar to the trees in the process of oxidation. In the bedroom use the diatom ooze, equate to forest moved to home, silently to protect the family members health.
Six, heat preservation, heat insulation, diatom ooze itself is the ideal thermal insulation material, has the good thermal insulating properties. The thermal insulation effect is the same thickness 6 times of cement mortar.
Seven, fire retardant properties: diatom ooze for inorganic material, no combustion. Diatomite wall material melting point temperature of 1300 degrees Celsius, even at or beyond the temperature also wont happen combustion and smoke.
Eight, breathing humidity: in order to avoid too wet or dry, prevent dewing, reduce the mold and electrostatic phenomena. Diatom ooze can automatically adjust according to seasonal absorption or breathe out water, in order to maintain indoor air humidity relatively stable.
To sum up, diatom ooze is the hotel design and decoration of the super good materials, but also are more designers and consumers favor.

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