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Interior decoration design of artificial stone
Update Time: 2013-1-9 View: 4175

Man-made stone material in interior decoration design on the application of the model in the majority. This kind of man-made stone material many building materials company should all can be custom made, its characteristic is can be arbitrary shape, seamless splicing, etc.


Man-made stone modelling the component of product: artificial rock material + steel structure system.
1, artificial stone: using high performance resin and natural stone powder molding. Color is rich, with low water absorption rate, high antibacterial, easy to maintain clean, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, resistance to smoke burning and other special performance. Fire rating "B1 level, in line with environmental protection and safety standards.
2, the structure system: the special steel structure system with resistance to times, installation fundamental structure to ensure the installation of mechanical strength and safety. A complete set of precise design, recessive installation node design, disordered package design, agile access port design system of scientific, rational, fast and efficient.
The introduction of its characteristics
A strong integrity, modelling, seamless splicing, the space model with shape is unified.
Second, the color is rich, artificial rock material color including pure color, color, particleboard, decorative pattern plate, etc. Series of color, can accept color custom; With inferior smooth surface, half smooth, glossy surface a variety of surface treatment way; But CNC carving the customer designated design, hollow out, pervious to light, etc., to bring the hotel designers infinite imagination space.
Three, moisture-proof, waterproof, low water absorption rate, with excellent moistureproof waterproof performance. The impermeable also makes the color pattern from inner to outer harmony.
Fourth, deepening the interior decoration design technology, according to different scheme complete module, mold, keel, structure the design plan, for the customer to provide a full range of solutions, solve the trouble back at home.
Five, easy to maintain, general besmirch hard infiltration, daily maintenance only neutral detergent or does not contain MaCaJi mesa cleaner to undertake cleanness. Special damage by professional grinding and polishing, restore smooth like new.
Six, breakthrough plane limited - artificial stone was the mainstream of the market by many in ambry mesa, wash ones hands stage, windowsill, dining table and mesa use, all for graphic, smaller applications. There are, of course, which is not limited, straight line, not limited to single, hyperboloid production, all show streamline design soft elegance and talent.
Seven, installation scientific and efficient - special square steel structure system positioning precision and hidden nodes, disordered installation and maintenance agile. Applicable to all kinds of space structure. Professional installation team, rich experience and strict management.
Eight, healthy environmental protection, does not contain the formaldehyde, benzene, radioactive substances, is not poisonous, all through the international testing standards.
Nine, antibacterial mouldproof - resistance, prevent bacteria or microbial growth in surface material surface.
Man-made stone deserves to interior decoration design of good material. All profiled metope can use, just want to spend more cost.

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