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Interior decoration material - SLATE - LITE natural ShiPi
Update Time: 2013-1-9 View: 4290


The first look at its basic characteristics.
2-3 mm thickness, very light, every square metre about 1.5 kg, when processing SLATE - LITE natural ShiPi, use of woodworking tools can SLATE - LITE open interface, edge grinding and diamond, so simple. General stone need a lot of process or equipment to complete, so from a cost and time perspective, it allows you to save a lot of.
Slate - Lite back using glass fiber for retainer, so that he can create arc adornment effect, but also to strengthen the ShiPi elasticity and toughness, from the interior decoration industry, can be said to be a kind of revolutionary act ShiPi demonstrate the surface of the material.
And as Slate - Lite P + S model, ShiPi back already take double gummed paper, just tearing bottom paper can be labeled, easy to operate. And standard Slate - Lite natural ShiPi, we suggest using the COSMOPUR containing polyurethane adhesive or other industrial including epoxy adhesive, such as the MAPEI KERAPOXY adhesive.
The latest Slate - Lite UV (pervious to light level) is the natural stone another breakthrough development, 4.0 mm model can be pervious to light and strong, with supporting structure requirements, 1.5 mm thick model is pervious to light and elastic. 2 ShiPi pervious to light at the same time and create the ideal design effect. The architect or hotel designer can use this characteristic to cooperate with lighting and standard Slate - Lite model to general natural stone material different design concept.
Slate - Lite ingredients for natural stone and glass fiber, with anti UV and waterproof function, in line with the requirements of the fire door and suitable for outdoor use. At the same time, cooperate proper glue, Slate - Lite can fit most of the substrate.
Maintenance methods: if walls or furniture, then use Slate - Lite standard protective coating; In the platform, the use of commercial level KLB epoxy resin polyurethane protective coating, coupled with Slate - Lite cleaner as daily care; In addition to the cleaner with clean function outside, still can blockade Slate - Lite surface so as to achieve the protection.
Thus it can be seen, SLATE - LITE natural ShiPi is indeed interior decoration material

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