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The interior decoration materials - soft film ceiling
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Soft film ceiling is a kind of very good indoor decoration materials. It comes from the 19th century Switzerland, and then by the French fee rand springsteen cole continues to improve, after a period of time, the success will promote its spread to Europe and the United States market. Nowadays, soft film ceiling has become the first choice of condole top material material. Below I introduce it formed process: the polyvinyl chloride has olefinic materials, the thickness of 0.18 mm, per square metre weighs about 180 ~ 320 g; Fire for B1 level; Through the multiple cutting, then use high frequency welding is complete, according to field measured ceiling size, in a factory making complete; Soft film in - 15 to 45 degrees will be more stable; Many feel like dream of indoor lighting effects is, through the pervious to light membrane ceiling with all kinds of lighting effects to build out, so you slam the door of glass bulky, disadvantages such as dangerous. So soft film ceiling has become a new bright spot of interior decoration.


What are the characteristics of soft film ceiling?
1, creative. We know, soft film ceiling is a kind of soft material, so the modelling is optional and diversification, this will let the designers have more room for creative play.
2, environmental protection and energy saving: soft film ceiling surface there are numerous embossed, because it is according to the movie screen and manufacturing, so we encourage customer installation wall lamp or fall light strengthen effect, to reduce the number of light source. Soft film ceiling is PVC material production and become, it will improve its insulation performance, at the same time reduce the indoor temperature erosion, more environmental protection.
3, waterproof, fire prevention, prevent bacteria. First of all, the traditional day flower water leakage, and unable to stop and cause indoor humidity increases, the household and the human body cause certain harm, and that is if you are using a soft film ceiling materials for the interior decoration of words, the installation structure using closed design, when the water when it can give a household security leakage accident, let owner accordingly timely repair. Secondly, soft film ceiling combustion, only their own fuse to wear, and in a few seconds to shrink until from fire, and then automatically stop, and will not release harmful gas or solution drip injury and the human body or property. Finally, soft film ceiling mixed a kind of antibacterial treatment, can resist or prevent the growth of microorganism in the object surface, and at the same time, it is also the Hong Kong medical association designated use of the products
4, color is rich. Soft film ceiling has very many colors for choice of stylist, all kinds of fabrics all have their own characteristics, such as dumb smooth, smooth, suede, metal surface, hole surface and pervious to light surface. Among them, the hole diameter size 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 10 mm, etc.
5, installation is convenient. Installation process is very simple, also wont have solvent volatilization, not the space inside the other decoration effect, it can be installed in a variety of materials on the wall.
6, acoustic effect. The determination of experts, this material can improve indoor sound, is the ideal sound insulation interior decoration materials.
7, aging resistance. Ingredients for PVC material not only environmental protection, but also has anti-aging properties, so when used correctly, it wont produce crack or discolored, etc.
After all of the above we can know, indoor decoration materials - soft film ceiling is your first choice.

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