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Exterior wall adornment to be bestowed favor on newly - polyurea coatings
Update Time: 2013-1-9 View: 2714
Long-term since, our country building outside decorated with ceramic tile, Mosaic, lidan, curtain wall, clay brick is given priority to, paint only 10%, and the developed countries outside the building decoration coating is more than 80% compared to the large gap. According to the national chemical building materials industry in the "tenth five-year plan and the 2015 development plan outline", "15" period, the construction of house of our country town every year will still to 500 million square metre construction speed development, our country coating industry development the main task will be to architectural coatings as the key point, make architectural coatings in the application of outer wall decoration account for more than 60%.
The "universal coating" renowned polyurea exterior wall coating then emerge as The Times require. Polyurea coatings excellent comprehensive performance and cost performance, make it in high building, landmark buildings, key projects, etc have unbeatable competitive advantage, compared with the current popular fluorocarbon coatings, polyurea exterior wall coating price cheaper, at the same time can be completely resolved fluorocarbon paint easy to crack problems. This is at present polyurea exterior wall coating market the main growth point. All over the world there are many famous buildings are in polyurea wall paint coating, some have after nearly twenty years field test, still can keep just coating luster and color, reflected the polyurea coatings on external coating, still often new good performance and endurance weathering can.
Spray polyurea coatings reaction
In polyurethane system, in order to improve the reaction activity, must add catalyst, catalyst in catalytic hydroxy and isocyanate reaction and catalytic isocyanate and water reaction, produce gas, resulting in material performance fell sharply; Polyurea system is completely different, it USES the end amino polyether and amine chain extension agent as active hydrogen components, and isocyanate component of high reactivity, without any catalyst, can at room temperature (or even 0 ℃ below) instant complete reaction. The reaction of the chemical equation is as follows:
Polyurethane reaction: R - NCO + R OH catalyst RHNCOOR
Polyurea reaction: R - NCO + R NH2 RNHCONHR
Isocyanate and water reaction: R - NCO + H2O catalyst RNHCOOH
RNHCOOH RNH2 + CO2 ↑ (gas)
Spray polyurea coatings has the following features:
(1) does not contain the catalyst, fast curing, can be in any surface, slope and vertical on spray forming, do not produce flowing phenomenon, for five (5) seconds gel, 1 minutes to walk strength.
(2) the moisture, temperature not sensitive, construction from the influence of environment temperature and humidity (in - and ℃ under construction, but when the ice coating curing).
(3) double component, 100% solid content, do not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOC), on the environment friendly, clean construction, health construction use harmless.
(4) thermal spraying, a construction thickness range from several hundred microns to a few centimeters, overcome the many times before construction of the disease.
(5) excellent physical and chemical properties, high tensile impact resistance strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, prevent slippery, ageing resistance, etc.
(6) has good thermal stability, can be in 120 ℃, can withstand long-term use under 350 ℃ the short time thermal shock.
(7) the reproducibility, coating continuous, density, no joint, no pinhole, beautiful and practical endurance.
(8) use of complete sets of equipment construction, high efficiency, A construction can meet the design thickness requirements, the equipment is equipped with a variety of switching mode, can spray, also can water better. And through the construction process control joint to prevent slippery effect.
(9) has good cohesive force, can be in steel, wood, concrete substrate on spray forming.
In a foreign country, polyurea coatings has been as a landmark building metal dalle cover surface protection, its performance criteria are listed as American aama2605 super performance coating performance requirements and test procedure of spontaneous standard. Polyurea coatings in Europe and the United States is called the "universal coating", it and the traditional coating, compared to not only have good resistance to light weatherability, and the surface elastic, impact resistance, resistance to buckling, abrasion resistance and very good. In use process quality light, will not increase the use of the objects surface load and the surface dust can also through the rain automatic cleaning.
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