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The world's ten largest paint brand
Update Time: 2013-1-9 View: 2572
Hotel design adornment material coating is necessary, in recent years, the global TuLiaoYe by all over the world environmental protection mechanism of keeping a close eye on. Some types of coatings, especially solvent paint, is considered to be volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Paint manufacturers are constantly strive for through the use of innovative research and development methods, as far as possible to reduce the level of volatile organic compounds. Next year global paint the biggest industry integration. North America is the worlds leading paint industry area, while China is Asias largest consumption coating growth source: about one-third of the market share. PRA market intelligence department every year, with unique top 10 companies research report, the purpose is to provide strategic competitor information, the key is to develop the paint and coatings industry research and development projects, the implementation of effective marketing. The study of the main goals include: establishing a comprehensive, true and cost effective information is updated every year of the worlds leading paint and coatings company strategy report, based on this, henkel etc adhesive companies will not be included in the rankings.
2009 the worlds ten largest paint brand company ranking:
1, AKZONOBEL akzo Nobel
Akzo Nobel is not only the worlds largest paint company, is the only one of the most widely portfolio companies. It has a packaging and auto industry OEM important market position. There are signs that it might reconsider its in the industry OEM position. The main sales: decorative paint, repair paint, powder coatings, coil coatings, Marine coatings, protective coating, aerospace coatings.
2, PPG
PPG company although in volume ranked low, but in the sales value is the worlds second largest paint company. In the industrial market, its consistent aim is technology and low cost dominant, cars, repair paint, industry and aerospace field strength is quite. PPG company is also a car paint price scheme pioneer, provide a car factory paint coating process of global standards. The main sales: repair paint, lacquer and packaging coating, other - industrial coatings, decorative paint, aerospace coatings
3, XuanWei Williams Marine conservation
On June 1, 2008 XuanWei Williams announced that it will be able to accomplish to the horse bloom del & Sons company acquisitions, headquartered in Philadelphia area. In 2009 XuanWei Williams announced the Nitco coatings business acquisition into India coating market. In February 2009, XuanWei Williams announced that it has acquired in North America baker powder coating company. The company also announced that it has signed the final agreement, the acquisition of liquid paint chemical safety international holdings co., LTD., a subsidiary of the company. The main sales: Sherwin - Williams ® mark architectural coatings, industrial coatings, the Dutch boy ®, pratt paint & lambert ®, Martin - Senour ®, Dupli - Color ®, Krylon ®, Thompsons ® and Minwax ®
4, dupont high performance coating
The coating is the worlds leading automotive paint suppliers and the worlds largest manufacturer of titanium dioxide. 2009 years of coating revenue of about $4.623 billion. Products include high performance liquid and automotive original equipment of powder coatings, automotive aftermarket, and general industrial application, such as heavy equipment, pipeline and equipment and electrical insulation coating. The main sales: powder varnish, EcoConcept water paint, water-based primer.
5, basf
Basf coating strategy focus on global innovation concept and method based multinational profit growth, the main capital spending and acquisitions, open-minded to supplement its portfolio. Basf coating going to further increase sales and operating income. This is expanding its in eastern Europe and China market, industrial coatings, restructuring in each area to improve the efficiency of the business department. The main sales: automotive repair paint, industrial paint.
6, valspar
Diamond is a company for industrial OEM applications provide liquid and powder coating, architectural coatings for business and the application of coating and heavy protective coating. Some of the latest products have been added to the diamond coating portfolio, including outdoor cott rich pool chlorinated rubber paint, to the existing pool decoration paint; Finium DTM half gloss primer; Energy saving color interior paint, etc. The main sales: packing, glass fiber repair materials, coatings and adhesives.
7, diamond coating
Diamond paint company completion of the acquisition of elvis rich company production of car body repair products, automotive aftermarket and other various professional and consumer applications. Angstrom rich brand products for automotive body repair professional and amateur design. Products include packing, glass fiber repair materials, coatings and adhesives. Industrial adhesive and sealant is a kind of new diamond paint company adhesive combination. Diamond products used for application in automobile, electronics, medical and general industrial markets.
8, RPM
Paint products include roof system, aluminum paint, cement base paint, paint, Marine paint, furniture products processing and repair, car maintenance products, industrial corrosion control products, consumer rust preventive coating, polymer floor, fluorescent paint, exterior insulation coating.
9, three-color international
Tricolour international is a market leader, its construction chemicals including adhesives and sealants, maintenance and strengthening product concrete admixture, three-color international is expected to the acquisition will further strengthen its in North America market status of polymer floor.
10, Japan coating
Founded in 1881, for the automotive manufacturers (the company one of the main market), industrial products and ship production paint coating. This also includes residential design and commercial architectural coatings and DIY market. The companys main manufacturing business in Asia, North America and Europe. In the United States, Japan in the production of automobile coatings and powder coatings. To enter the Chinese carmakers presupposes the company has a lot of car sales department field.
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