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RTKL international co., LTD
Update Time: 2013-1-9 View: 2733
RTKL international co., LTD
RTKL International co., LTD. (RTKL International) is the worlds largest architectural planning and design is one of the company. From founded in 1946 so far, RTKL has developed into there are buildings, urban planning, construction engineering, air conditioning hydroelectric equipment engineering, the hotel design, landscape greening design, mark guidepost system design, etc. Various kinds of professional talents, provide professional services to the whole diversity worldwide design company.
RTKL fusion of different cultural background, respect for nature and the environment condition, achieve the goal of providing perfect design results. Nearly fifty years, RTKL in all over the world city beautification process played an important role, also made a great contribution. Nowadays, RTKL project covers the commercial retail, leisure and amusement, office buildings, hotels, each house, traffic facilities, medical facilities, high-tech facilities and so on many kinds of types, and successfully coordination culture, cooperate with the environmental condition, to overcome the challenge of design, won the world customer trust and support
RTKL in China design projects include:
Dalian peace plaza
Shenzhen China resources center
China national film museum
Shanghai north bund area planning and design
Beijing international exhibition sports center planning and design
Shanghai science and technology museum
Beijing world financial center
Nantong central business district CBD
The overall planning and design
Champselysees garden senior residential area
XinDongAn square
Wenzhou lucheng square · green city
In the domestic made a landmark, the design is contracted.
The whole frame is imposing manner, and the same business project compared with costly degree is higher some.
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