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The United States KPF building office
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The United States KPF building office
KPF is an internationally renowned architect firms in the United States, New York and London have studio in Shanghai, China, scope of business is increasingly development. Firm commitment to public organizations and individuals to provide design services, research scope covers architectural design, planning and design, urban design, product design and design drawing, etc. Whether in China or all over the world there are quite a number of famous works. KPF were three name abbreviations, all called: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (Cohen · pelosis Foxs partner).
The American institute of architects, Eugene Cohen member, the world architectural design field the most authoritative British royal architects association member Japanese architects association honorary members (FAIA, RIBA, JIA) KPF architect firm chairman. In 1976, he and friends Williams DE sen and Sheldon fox together started KPF architect firm. Now, KPF has become the worlds most outstanding one of high-rise building design organization.
In 1996, the New York architects association strauss Sidney research award
In 1997, Wharton real estate research center lifetime achievement award
1998 Ellis Island of honor
2005 el Salvador prize of excellent design
P: William Pedersen
William Paterson is the design of the main KPF partners, the firms chief designer. Born in 1938, the Minnesota. His whole life design numerous awards, with skyscrapers and super-tall building go far. 1982 years of newsweek magazine praise he is "the American high-rise office building of the most influential characters. Paterson is high-rise building advocates. Many of his academic works involve high building. Such as" urban buildings and high-rise building thinking ", "construction and application: skyscrapers basic standard analysis of this year. In the face of the completion of the Shanghai world financial center, Paterson said this to his long career design is" one of the most important building, I have too much significance. "In the 1960 s, Paterson is b partner. In 1976, he and two other architects, Eugene Cohen (A.E ugene Kohn) and Sheldon Fox (Sheldon Fox) was founded by KPF building things.
William Paterson to tall building full of obsession of love, "how many time to stay in the ground, should have much time to stay in the air." Paterson believe that the concept of vertical garden city great development space. The future of urban architecture and super-tall building, in his view, in the energy and sustainable development closely related. From logistics, transportation, various ways, tall buildings can do for the earths population, the energy consumption, to the urban passenger life work brings great convenience. Paterson architectural thinking has the United States by the famous architecture and design critic Paul goldsmiths criticism. Interestingly, they live in Beresford. Someone just commented that if both in elevators meet, talk inevitably some embarrassing it.
The main project
In 1987, procter &gamble global headquarters;
In 1998, the world bank in Washington, d.c.;
In 2003, city university of New York/baruch college new academic building;
Frankfurt, Germany in 1994 Westendstrasse 1 / DG bank headquarters;
In 2005, Virginia Gannett/USA Today headquarters.
Other major projects including high attention the world financial center (Shanghai, under construction), New York stadium and Manhattan exhibition center.
F: Sheldon Fox (late 2006)
Sheldon fox members of the American institute of architects KPF co-founder fox to lieutenant identity from the U.S. embassy in north Korea after the army in 1955, 41 years began his career. Young draftsman fox took part in the "Kahn - Jacobs architect firm" (Kahn and Jacobs) and become the companys partners. In 1972, the fox to join "John - wo base cooperation within the architect firm" (John Warnecke and Associates) as senior vice President. But in four years later, he and the architect, Eugene Cohen (Eugene Kohn), William Paterson (William Pedersen) decided to establish independent architect firm, respectively as a management person in charge, in the marketing and design. The fox low-key style of management, leading the "Cohens page - Germany - fox architect firm" many famous design project. These include American broadcasting company (ABC) 6 building, procter & gamble company in Cincinnati headquarters building in Washington and the world bank headquarters building. Fox also served as "Lighthouse commerce committee" (Lighthouse Business Council) and the "New York Architectural association" (Architectural League of New York) director. He is the American institute of architects manage the affairs of the founder member of the committee.
KPF design works all over the world many countries, including academic institutions, museums, the health care center, court, airports, hotels, office buildings, stadium, multi-function transportation center, etc. From the 1990 s to the early, the technology and structure concept will become the focus of the firm. Its classical works including the world bank headquarters, Oxford University, rothie mir institute, the United States today group headquarters, the Hague in the Netherlands government office building. Tall building is KPF alley. The world has more than 200 tall and super-tall building is KPF design, in China, including 108 layers of Kowloon, Hong Kong station building, 480 - meter - high Hong Kong global trade square, 288 meters high 5 square of Shanghai.
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