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SOM architecture design firm
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SOM architecture design firm
Firm introduction
(Skidmore, Owings and Merrill) SOM architectural design firm is one of the biggest U.S. architect - one of the engineers firm. In 1936, L., kidd Mohr (Louis Skidmore) and J.O. meryl (John O.M errill) in Chicago began to cooperation, 1939 N. Owings (Natha - niel Owings) to join, firm according to the three surname and the first letter of the name for SOM. Jason kidd, Moore is a thought keen designer, meryl is an engineer, owings is a organizers. For every major projects, the three partners, one person is responsible for dealing with the owner, a person in charge of specific affairs, one person is responsible for the selection and support designers make as far as possible perfect design, and to design process as far as possible without intervention.
Later, the size of the firm gradually enlarged, in addition to Chicago outside, still in New York, San Francisco, Portland, Denver, and Los Angeles, Houston, Boston and Washington establish branch offices, with more than 1800 architects and engineers. SOM work throughout the United States and the world more than forty countries. The American institute of architects won for the first time in 1962 issued by the construction enterprise award. Deservedly become the worlds largest one of comprehensive firm. SOM into China has twenty years of history. Now is making rapid progress in China. The 21st century China, the construction business is in the ascendant, architects have been thinking hard, seek their own construction road. With the influence of various trends abroad, domestic architectural design increasingly globalization, prompting more building amateurs to SOM research interests grows day by day.
Edit this section office work
SOMs early works by mies van DE -, impact, after the mid 1960 s, the situation changed, but his works remain clean and agile, concise novel characteristics, structure system are more diversified, external profile increases the change. SOM in high-rise and super-tall building design achievement has been recognized. The famous architect SOM g. bond shaft design of the New York company office building company (Lever House, 195 l ~ 1952, built the worlds first big glass curtain wall high-rise building) is a new office building at the time of the representative. Architectural theorist l. mans ford said: "it in two significant aspects beyond the traditional office buildings, the design is not according to the maximum lease rate but in order to obtain rapid business efficiency, to make full use of the then all ways to make building grown comfortable, elegant and beautiful."
SOM in the s design of the office building is mostly straight up and down, do not add decoration of various types of high-level framework, such as sixty layer of the New York chase Manhattan silver sears tower line, 52 layer Houston shell square building, New York American iron and steel company, etc.; And later the Chicago 100 layer John Hancock building (1970) and 110 layer sears tower (1974) is very chic tall building. John Hancock building under the small, diagonal brace exposed, roof ShuYou high of 106 m tower two layer; Every square metre steel consumption quantity is 145 kg, which is equivalent to the frame structure and conventional layer tower building steel quantity. SOM of the other famous works a lot, such as Brussels lambert bank, Saudi Arabia jeddah new international airport and many American university campus and some factory laboratory, etc. SOM system including the project design, planning, design, structure calculation and a series of work. Project type from the citys comprehensive function, business, hotel, house, the government and institutions to culture, education, medical health and science and transportation, aviation, etc. In the United States for SOM designed and built many famous skyscrapers and respected. Since its inception, SOM is already in the world more than fifty countries and regions all finished l multiple projects. The company because of its 69 years of outstanding achievements and won the broad international reputation. In 1961, the American institute of architects (AIA) award is issued by the company SOM for the first time in history, this is the AIA is awarded to the highest award design firm. Moreover, SOM is the only twice won the honor of the company: 1996 prize again. Over the years, SOM has won more than 800 design awards, far more than any other American design company.
SOM is dedicated to the development direction of globalization. The company has in the world, including Asia, Europe, South America, Latin America and the Middle East, almost all areas completed many projects. Recently, SOM ~] MqNq in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, France, Italy, Britain, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, China, China Taiwan, mainland China, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, bahrain, Lebanon and Egypt, and other countries and regions completed the project. At present, SOM in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Washington, d.c., Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai company.
Chicago firm
The establishment of the Chicago office from l. Moore, Jason kidd (Louis Skidmore) and N. Owings (Nathaniel Owings) in 1933, the Chicago world exhibition - "a progress of the century" a cooperation. Chicago firm design of famous works include: Inland steel Building, for Colorado springs national air force academy do planning and design, and two draws the outline of the Chicago skyline of famous buildings: John Hancock Building (the John Hancock Building) and the Sears Tower (the Sears Tower). The New York office:
The New York office
The origin of the New York firm in 1939 New York KuiEnSi world exhibition, SOM for one of the 12 exhibition hall provides base planning and architectural design services. Over the years, SOM company for the New York firm provides strong support. The New York firm major works include:
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