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The world famous hotel design - Yabu Pushelberg
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Yabu Pushelberg was founded in 1980 by George and cloth (George Yabu) and Gerry grace · tome from Mrs (Glenn Pushelberg) form. In order to meet the diverse needs of customers and offer all kinds of hotel design plan, the company is booming.
To provide all kinds of innovative hotel design scheme, they established Yabu Pushelberg such innovation enterprise. They try to use all kinds of material, procedures and idea for each special project in fresh elements and start a new design field. Yabu Pushelberg design not thoughts into form, but injection more connotation, this makes the hotel design concept is more special, so that the design is the commercial results. Yabu Pushelberg design project has one of the worlds leading brand enterprise, star hotel and various shops, etc.
Yabu Pushelberg design case are: four seasons hotels and resorts, hyatt international hotel group, mandarin Oriental hotel group, peninsula hotel, starwood hotels and resorts and hotels, MGM, Louis vuitton, goodman, difuni company, etc.
George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg after in 1998 by Monsoon restaurant dining room design to stardom, and won the James Beard Foundation awards, would like to take this opportunity to them for New York Blue Fin done great design, and won the award for.
And then, they elected Contract magazine in 2002, the designer on the Interior Design magazines list of celebrity, promote the development of the industry of hotel Design makes the acquisition of Toronto, with Johnson university honorary doctorate degree obtained.
200 Yabu Pushelberg won the Platinum Circle awards, this is their in the hotel design field, the results also won the Gold Key designer awards. They two recent hotel design awards for Las Vegas Shibuya Restaurant and Fin Restaurant design.
In 2006, they get to Regis Hotel public space category outstanding award. Put into use of the project are: whisky blue tavern design, camino restaurant design, New York stone roses, New York times square hotel design, Las Vegas FeiErMa refreshment room design, Tokyo and dream restaurant, the four seasons hotel.

Yabu Pushelberg作品

Yabu Pushelberg hotel design work

Yabu Pushelberg作品

The ongoing project: the United States, and San Franciscos restaurant in Las Vegas and restaurant design.
Honors: a work is published in the journal of the American hotel design magazine ", "hall of fame" column; James brad fund awarded them good restaurant design.

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