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Italy SAVIO FIRMINO furniture design company - European classical luxury
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Italy SAVIO FIRMINO furniture design company site is located in the spirit of Florence area, 1941, by SAVIO FIRMINO created, it is high skill art handicraft workshop and the most outstanding works of art repair industry accumulation area.
In order to adapt to the new production needs, Italy SAVIO FIRMINO company move to fiorentina SCANDICCI west, here is also many senior fashion and furniture design company in the new industrial zone
SAVIO FIRMINO companys characteristic is manual art enthusiasm and detail care. Products by SAVIO family leadership and production, they have full of artistic talent of professional team.
Because of the first world war, SAVIO FIRMINO hotel design company moved to fiorentina. And Savio Firmino is a chasers, in manual art master there carve, his best work, for he founded the famous furniture design company laid a foundation. Then his son took over the inheritance, he really is a genius, and his brother Amedeo hand in hand, make the company management in overseas markets, have a big profit in Italian ascension popularity and become a famous furniture design production factory, with the development of the company in the world, it got a lot of repercussions.
Until the ninety s, the designers understanding to and commercial displayed new hotel with elegant design, sculpture and material bed, used for once lost the eighteenth century period of handicraft processing.

意大利 SAVIO FIRMINO家居产品图01

意大利 SAVIO FIRMINO家居产品图02

意大利 SAVIO FIRMINO家居产品图03

意大利 SAVIO FIRMINO家居产品图04

意大利 SAVIO FIRMINO家居产品图05

意大利 SAVIO FIRMINO家居产品图06

意大利 SAVIO FIRMINO家居产品图07

意大利 SAVIO FIRMINO家居产品图08

意大利 SAVIO FIRMINO家居产品图09

意大利 SAVIO FIRMINO家居产品图10

意大利 SAVIO FIRMINO家居产品图11

意大利 SAVIO FIRMINO家居产品图12

意大利 SAVIO FIRMINO家居产品图13

意大利 SAVIO FIRMINO家居产品图14

意大利 SAVIO FIRMINO家居产品图15

意大利 SAVIO FIRMINO家居产品图16

意大利 SAVIO FIRMINO家居产品图17

意大利 SAVIO FIRMINO家居产品图18

In many years of time, SAVIO FIRMINO continue to consolidate the international classic in the world live in the market to take the lead the status, place oneself in new product design and hotel design innovation and exploration. Nowadays, SAVIO FIRMINO indoor household as the leading brand, it will promote the design of hotel industry development process.

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