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KCA international hotel design company
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KCA international hotel design company was founded in 1993, is the only seven-star hotel dubai "porcelain sailing hotel chooses the hotel design company, now KCA has become famous in international design company. KCA work rich variety, spread all over the world, including many European palace, high-end hotels, luxury cruise ships, international airport, and all kinds of public buildings and private mansion, always adhere to the uniqueness of works, in Taipei, KCA also created the only Asian private mansion.


Hotel designer Khuan Chew is KCA international founder, also is the KCA international hotel design companys core character. She is the most international influence work is the only seven-star hotel - dubai "porcelain sailing hotel design.

KCA international design company works are almost global attention case, including "dubai and the beach hotel, dubai hotel club, dubai international airport, dubai and the Madinat hotel, doha dubai tower, London and the Carlton hotel, London Hyde park intercontinental hotel, Prague mandarin Oriental hotel, London canary port pan peninsula hotel, cannes Carlton suites hotel, Hong Kong four seasons hotel, Hong Kong such as the heart plaza hotel, Macao new lisboa hotel, as well as Beijings westin hotel, Shanghai zendai Himalayan hotel, etc.



About the introduction of Khuan Chew
Khuan Chew customers located in four continents, works including senior apartments, rural residential design, royal palace, international airport, five star hotels and public buildings. She in London in 1988 and set up offices in dubai, and her colleagues more designers will project development to Europe, the Middle East and the far east. Wealth and fame in the hotel design talent and to, for decades, the royal family is always her loyal customers. She recently completed works include the seven star hotel in dubai - this parker hotel, the worlds largest private yacht - abdul aziz · number, and is located in dubais long and beautiful home, in August 2004 completed and do business formally, consists of two five-star hotel, a hairdressing fitness center, 300 rooms villas, conference center, etc. Is constructing the dubai international airport is she and her colleagues designed.
In addition, she also will conduct the design of the palace. She and her KCA international hotel design company is for the mandarin Oriental hotel group, the four seasons hotel group, sofitel hotel group, intercontinental hotels group, westin (starwood hotels group) in hotel design. Her design also include New York, Chicago, Berlin, Damascus, Cairo, Kuwait, Colombo, brunei, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Tokyo and Kyoto.

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