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SANAA building office
Update Time: 2013-1-9 View: 2510
1995 years younger sister island and the world and Caesar made who founded SANAA building office, office is located in Tokyo goods sichuan a transformation of the old warehouse.
SANAA design from the traditional mode of close, they opened the architectural design process, for a variety of different situations demand provides practical, agile and changeful design. They use transparent material composition staggered space, the people from the architectural space of the usual experience and liberate perspective impressions. The basic idea of these SANAA on the younger generation architects has had a huge impact.
He won the 2004 Venice biennale of golden, 2010 year won the highest honor symbol architecture at Leeds g award
Kanazawa 21st century art museum (Venice biennale of golden)
Art gallery is located in kanazawa city center department, with two functions, has art museum display function is public communication place, it is a real public art gallery to. Art museum is round appearance, psychological and achieved on the vision to the feeling of freedom. She doesnt like usually art gallery, there is positive, the back side, the points, the appearance of the circular blurs the distinction between, at the same time, the circular of the centrality makes people around the periphery of the circular can do all kinds of creative activities, thus forming a communication field, this way let us return to the most original communication place state. She from essentially deconstruction our concept of art museum building.
Lumiere park coffee shop
Lumiere park coffee shop design concise like Japan zen painter fairy cliff of ink strokes of a general, namely a big white soft annulation landing in the park. This coffee shop space design is very empty luxury, in this whole appear a space, can be arbitrary lumiere park coffee shop look in all directions, the actual design gimmick just drew two different radian and the size of the ring pack together.
Valencia modern art museum
VALENCIA modern art gallery is located in eastern Spain VALENCIA (VALENCIA), younger sister island and the world and Caesar made health firstly analyzes the VALENCIA, think the local climate is very good, but as for art gallery, strong sunshine is the top issue facing the idea, but will start from here, sister island and west ze want to do a huge "tree", the art museum in the tree to enjoy the cool down. The big tree "tree" in architectural design for the performance, with a huge cube shape cover hourglass strong sunshine, people first to enter this through the hourglass after the sun has become soft space, in fact the cover and surrounding noise scene off, let a person into a meditation almost similar to the same pure space, and then into the gallery, this is a bold proposal.
SANAA design architecture is perforated concrete surface + vitreous block buildings, are more inclined indoor structure, these buildings and no heavy feeling, but very light, purity of interior space is free and pure feeling, like a flow of dream.
The Swiss federal institute of technology university learning center
This learning center is the Swiss federal institute of technology at the university of lausanne, part of the main design concept is to provide more usable and have long-term development potential, in order to adapt to a certain period in the college education, sociology and technology development trend. Learning center built in south campus open new city, including the rest entertainment venues. The building for the compelling campus provides a breath of fresh air.
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