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Wuhan first theme hotel design - the mayan beach hotel
Update Time: 2013-1-9 View: 2382

By the development of oct < STRONG > theme hotel design < / STRONG > is a Chinese cultural theme hotel leader, will cultural theme elements into the design of the hotel, has become the latest trend in the design of the hotel. And the mayan beach hotel will be opened the wuhan theme hotel is the first, it is located on the YuDongHu, close to the happy valley and the mayan beach water park. Hotel by Chinese bridge city group development, in order to oct hotel "special experience, infinite me" brand positioning. For customers build a mayan culture theme hotel space efficient.


The mayan beach hotel design theme element to carry out to every corner of the hotel, no matter design, decoration, food, services are let you feel the mayan culture breath, the civilized ancient and mysterious mayan culture.
The hotel have a mayan culture origin United States of Mexicos Yucatan peninsula restaurant named, there are Mexico local characteristics of seafood, let you dont go abroad can eat local food. Banquet hall and conference rooms in the no column design, so that can be used in different banquet and meeting for mediation, the hotel in the Maya ancient brick and panoramic landing modern toughened glass phase set each other off a outdoor terrace.


The hotel has 215 rooms, each room in different theme design, guest room the function is all ready, equipped with mini bar, bath crock, desk, wireless TV set. Have dinner, afternoon tea and good services. The hotel room not only can overlook east lake scenery, a mayan beach water park amorous feelings, but also enjoy the city traffic flow at the spirit of The Times. This is the first hotel in wuhan theme design, it will drive the theme of the region culture, forming a unique theme hotel design trend.

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