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One of the world's most luxurious eight star hotel
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The first eight star hotel is a famous British designer John airy, design, hotel design fundamental key with dignity, rich full-bodied Arab national style. It is located in the united Arab emirates capital ABU dhabis northwest coast. The hotel area of 242820 square meters, less than 400 guest rooms and public area between a private beach, two ponds, 7000 square meters of luxurious hall, meeting room for 1200 people, 2800 people of the ballroom, 12 restaurants, eight recreation, 128 rooms and pantry, 12 coffee news center.


ABU dhabi palace hotel used materials are new materials, such as hotel shape dome modelling color latest lighting technology and special anticorrosive materials and pure gold manufacturing, a night light will automatically. Wine shop marble national import, and 1002 a lamp that is special customized swarovski crystal decoration branch type droplight.





ABU dhabi palace hotel has 394 rooms, the presidential suite, and the palace suites, luxury suites, bay bay suites, diamond room, pearl room, coral rooms and deluxe rooms and other kind of guest room. Guest room the smallest area 55 square meters, the biggest presidential suite area of nearly square meters. Six layer and the seven layers of the palace suites, a total of 16 sets, each area of 680 square meters. Also has special 24 hours service to service customers need at any time. The hotel has the most top 6 presidential suite, for heads of state or the use of the royal family. This is by far the worlds most luxurious eight star hotel, so luxurious hotel design let you have to gasp in admiration.

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